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Our Team
Dr. Sandeep Gupta : Managing Director
Dr. Sandeep Gupta has more than 13 years of experience in equity research, investments. He has worked globally at places such as Australia and ME besides Singapore. Besides the GUBIC fund, he's also managing DVSCC, an Investment Advisory targeted on PIO/NRI/HNIs. He holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School and attended a Hedge Fund Programme from London Business School. He also hold a CAIA charter- a specialization in Hedge Funds & PE Management.
He also created a GUBIC index as a benchmark for the fund. He's one of the few people in Industry who is well versed with Fusion Analysis, which is an amalgamation of - Fundamental + Technical + Behavioural Analysis.
His major area of interest is Derivatives (F&O), Hedge Funds and Portfolio Management. He has engineered a few new greeks in options
He is an expert at Equities (Indian, Americas, Europe), Forex, Commodities.
He has also published a few books such as:
1. Security Valuation Made Easy
2. DVR on Indian Stocks an Opportunity
3. F&O 101
4. Analyzing Theta - Time Decay in Option
5. Advanced Options Trading Strategies
6. Delta Neutral Option Trading Strategies - Making Money with Least Risk
Mr. Arvind Desai: Chief Investment Analyst
Arvind Desai has more than 15 years of experience in equity research and investment analysis. He has worked in capacity of senior financial analyst at Global Investment House, a leading investment bank in Middle East. He has vast experience of more than 10 years in technical analysis. Besides this, he set up a research division for ICP Securities Ltd. and worked their as head of research for about five years. He also established International Business Division for A&A Advisory resulting in multifold growth for the company.
Mr. Ahmed Mansour: Legal Director
Ahmed has worked as a legal advisor for Private Equity (Alternative Investment Group), Global Investment House, Kuwait. As part of his duty, he kept in touch with various regulatory bodies in MENA countries to understand the legal issues relating to acquisitions, taxes, stamp duties, ownership rights and labor regulations.
He has also worked as a Head of Legal Department with Joint Arab Investment Corporation (JAICORP), Egypt. There he had experience of establishing new subsidiaries for the company and following them up post establishment in their legal aspects. He has about 15 years of relevant experience and will be a good fit as company’s Legal Director.
Dr. Shivkumar Poojari (PGDHRM, PGDQM, D.Ph): Director, Institutional Client Relationship
Dr. Shiv Kumar has been associated with various companies in senior management cadres ranging from manufacturing, Information Technology and Finance. He writes on various issues pertaining on Management and Medicines. He has Authored two books on business issues.  His 3rd book “Why companies fail” will be published shortly. With good exposure in various sectors of business his core expertise are in the areas of Strategic Planning & resource management.
 His recent roles include Executive Director of Confederation of Indian Financial Markets and Affiliates (CIFMA),Director - Vibrant Power Devices (manufacturing and distribution of Domestic and industrial special appliances)
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